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What's Happening With Li'L Timmy

Posted by GraphixInk - 1 month ago

Basically: We're remaking Li'l Timmy for the second anniversary! I was going to make a remake in 2020, but cancelled it. Now in 2021, M is working on the drawings while we tell him the story and what to draw. We're also working on a brand new Li'l Timmy book; taking place right after the remake! If you like the old version of the Li'l Timmy or the new version, we'll do both here! -K

Abou the old version of the character: Timmy Chapin( aka L'il Timmy), is a kindergartner with ADHD who like to draw and make books.

He would be later expanded on once the remake of him was conceived.

The First Li'l Timmy book: Originally made out of boredom, Li'l Timmy's first design looked like a girl, so I changed it to make it better. It was kind of those comics you would see in captain Underpants, but only the cover was made. In the back it showed him getting out of a window, so some original story planning. This scene as you know, wouldn't make it into the last project.

Then after, I actually decided to make a dedicated book on him, being in the old Captain Underpants style. It was okay at the time, the drawings are outdated with a false bio on the book. This caused a lot of disappointment. The sequel was going to be a shit toilet bank robber based thing, but was cancelled due to the teachers getting pissed. This would lead into the Snowbot squeal idea:

Second Li'l Timmy Book #1: It starts off with a bank heist, 2 amateur bank robbers are doing a stick up job. One needs to go to the bathroom, it get sucked up and eatin by the toilet. He doesn't come oit, the other guy goes and checks on im and he gets sucked up in another toilet. Thats the only part that was ever made. The story would be that they would be supplied as "new Toilets" and rob banks. And go across the country. Timmy would see this on the news and want to be a hero. So he foils their plans and gets them arrested.

Second Li'l Timmy Book #2: After the events of the first book, it would be a man who goes to schools for art programs; gets fired and seeks revenge. So he makes a snowbot to take over earth by turning the others into snowbots as well. The book was almost done, but stopped due to it no longer being xmas.

Second Li'l Timmy Book 3#: For Easter, the second book would be about the Easter Bunny going mad about ungrateful kids to the point where he takes over the city by winning the lottery. Eventually he gets stopped by a S.W.A.T. unit and gets taken away only for the van to crash. He survives and becomes insane; leaving it off with a cliff hanger. The book was finished but copies where never made. The character will return in the future.


The NEW Li'l Timmy background: Li'l Timmy or Timmy Chapin is a first grader with ADHD who loves to draw and play video games. His parents are supportive and he goes to a school that he likes. They treat him really well, unlike the original school i had ripped off from Captain Underpants. His favorite console is the PS3, as the story takes place in 2015.

The Remastered 2 Year Anniversary Li'l Timmy Book: While I can't say much, but it's being worked on. The drawings are by M. and he story is by Me, G, and M. It'll release when it's done.

The NEW Li'l Timmy Sequel: While it being in the works; Its using the 2# original Sequel Idea, redone and made to be better. When a robot hardware deal turns south with the american government, the guy wants revenge. Turning towards countries against the United States. They all decline accept North K.( Reminding you this is 2015) who takes the opertunity and makes snowman looking robots to attack the country. It's up to Timmy and others to stop the robots from taking over the land of their country!

That's a dubbed down version of Timmy, he now relates more to Pico. You'll see it in the new drawings.